Why Diet’s Aren’t Getting You Permanent Results

Hi ladies

Have you spent years trying different diets? Do you feel like you’re stuck in the classic yo-yo of lose some weight, stop the diet and put it all back on, then start all over again? It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Well today I want to share a video with you that I actually recorded at the start of the year back in England (and completely forgot to post) as it was something that kept coming up time and time again with people I was chatting to.

I was surprised how many people I knew were on diets, and what surprised me more was the amount of repeat diets, people going back on to the same diet they have been on before, that didn’t work the first time, or the second or the third. You see we are programmed to believe that when we ‘fail’ at a diet, that it’s our fault, that it’s something we did wrong, but in fact there are a lot of things about diets that just aren’t working. Today I’m going to talk about just one of two points surrounding this topic, as I could talk forever on it!

And how do I know all of this? Because I have been through it personally, I tried endless diets, many on repeat and I drove myself to the point of insanity. Due to me not being able to succeed I felt worthless, like a failure and it made me hate myself even more. And this is why I am so passionate about getting this message out there now!

1. Diets Will Only Get You Short Term Results.

Yes there are definitely people who lose weight on diets…but it only lasts temporarily. Diets are designed to restrict your food intake, deprive you of certain foods and essentially ensure you focus all your time and energy on food, the one thing you actually want to forget. Whilst on the diet, yes you might lose some weight, but what happens when you stop the diet? It all creeps back on and sometimes you end up bigger than when you first started the diet.

Realistically you cannot sustain a diet for the rest of your life but in order to keep the weight off, that’s exactly what you will need to do. You see the minute you stop the diet, the old eating habits creep back in, the old patterns of behaviour and the reasons why you were eating the bad foods, or over eating before the diet are still there. And unfortunately these old habits are deep rooted in the unconscious part of your mind and so always win. These are the real problems that need addressing, once these are properly resolved the need for food completely disappears.

2. Diets Are Not Teaching You About Your Health

The second point I want to cover today is that diets are not teaching you about health and nutrition they are simply there to help you drop the weight quickly, which in itself is not always heathy.

When I went on my first diet (worst thing I ever did) it was explained that I could not eat any fat, no more than 5g of fat in a day. So that included no nuts, no salmon, no avocado, no eggs, all things that I know now contain nutrients that are vital for my body. But it was ok for me to eat a low calorie, low fat microwavable meal that was paced full of sugar and absolutely no goodness at all, might as well have eaten cardboard!

It also stated that I couldn’t eat more than 1200 calories in a day, this became an absolute obsession of mine to the point where I would aim to eat even less because I thought I would lose more weight. I became obsessed with weighing out my foods and governing everything down to the tiniest amount.

Looking back now I know this was crazy. Your body can’t run and function on that little amount of energy, you need food and nutrients to make your brain function. Again this was not educating me or teaching me anything about being healthy, which should be the number one priority right?

Your health, nutrition and happiness should always be the number one focus and diets do not help you achieve these things. All I know ladies is that jumping on board the dreaded yo-yo dieting cycle was the worst decision I have ever made and it changed the whole way I thought about food, nutrition and my health. There really are other ways of getting permanent weight loss results, ways that deal with the real issue and not the surface level problem that you are seeing. When you resolve this, the weight will drop off, the bad eating habits and cravings will disappear and you will get permanent results, it’s exactly what happened for me!

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To your permanent weight loss success