1 Shocking Secret You Never Knew About Weight Loss That Will Change Everything Instantly!

Hi ladies, Leanne here from The Food Relationship Expert. Today I want to share something with you that absolutely changed the way I thought about weight loss completely when I was where you are now struggling with my relationship with food, diets and weight loss and I know that it will change everything for you too.

So a lot of women when I tell them this it takes them a while to process and really really get it. But what I want you to know is that weight loss is absolutely nothing to do with weight. Yep so as I said it is a weird concept to get your head round to start with.

We are programmed to believe that when we are over weight, uncomfortable with the way we are, we are not living the life we want or being the person that we want to be, we think we have a weight problem or a food problem. We put all the focus on the weight and we are missing the point.

The weight is a symptom of what is going on inside. When there is something going on in your external reality that you are unhappy with, that is not serving you positively, you will never be able to change this on the outside, you have to start inside. All the change has to be internal, when you change it on the inside then the external will follow, it has to. This is the only way to truly change what you are unhappy with. When you do this, this is when you achieve long lasting, true change!

All the work I do is mindset, my programs, my one to one coaching is all about helping you to over come the real internal issues stopping you achieving your goals. There is no dieting, no excessive exercise but it’s all about incorporating a healthy, natural way of living with always working on your mindset.

Your mindset runs everything. You have to take care of your mind at all times, you have to. It is creating everything in your life, every area, relationships, work, health and fitness, personal development, even including how you are feeling about yourself, how you look, the size, the shape you are, how much excess weight you are carrying, you are creating everything! So if you want to fix it, you have to fix it on the inside.

Your unconscious mind is hard wired, it’s like a computer operating system. Now ever since you were small your mind has been programmed to continuously run the same patterns, processes, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, value systems over and over and over again. You will be continuously stuck in this cycle whether it’s good or bad because your mind knows no different.

So if you have negative thoughts about yourself, negative beliefs, negative feelings, or if you believe for a second “I’m not good enough to do this,’ ‘I’ll never be slim’ for example, these thoughts, these patterns will have been running for a long time and it will play out as a hard wired cycle in your mind that will always continue until you change it.

What you already know and how you are now is an accumulation of everything that has ever happened to you in the past. And your past will continue to define your present moment and your future until you change those things in the past.

So if you want to change your weight, your size or how you are feeling about yourself most importantly then you need to start addressing the things going on internally and the things that went on in the past. I call these your Internal Underlying Issues. Addressing and resolving these issues is the only thing that will help you change the problems you are experiencing and to change your future to create the life you want.

Your mind is hard wired, the more time it has certain thoughts, behaviours, patterns, emotions, habits, it becomes an automatic response for your mind. So in order to change your weigh, your relationship with food or the way you are feeling about yourself, you need to change the internal things you are running over and over again.

As I mentioned earlier this is exactly what I do, I am all about you changing your mindset and dealing with the real things stopping you succeeding and keeping you trapped. For example, the reasons why you want the bad food, the reason why you want to eat to mask your emotions, the reason why you think you aren’t good enough to succeed.

To begin the process you need to start tracking your thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, behaviours, that you are running over and over keeping you trapped in the cycle. Whilst you are stuck in this cycle you will never move forward, you will stay exactly where you are now for the rest of your life. This is a scary thought isn’t it!

Think of it like this. Your future and your present moment is essentially your past folded back on itself because you are just running the same things over and over again, those hard wired habits, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. To break free of this you have to take back control of what you are running internally otherwise your future will be just like your past.

So track what’s going on internally, this is the first thing you need to be doing.
You have to be internally aware so you can bring these unconscious habits and thought processes into your conscious awareness so you are able to begin changing them. Get really clear on this, get a diary and keep a note of what you are running, how are you keeping yourself trapped in the cycle you are in?

Now as I said I run a 6 week program which is all about reprogramming your mind to achieve your goals, I also coach one to one so if you need help with this get in touch because this is what I do and remember I have been where you are now and have come out the other side. This is what helped me completely shift my relationship with food and to be comfortable in my body again!

And remember weight loss is nothing to do with weight or food, it’s about your mindset and this is key!

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