Feeling Like Failure? Accelerate Your Weight Loss For Instant Results.

Today I want to talk to you about whether you are feeling stuck, worthless or like a failure because you don’t seem to be able to succeed with societies conventional weight loss methods; diets, slimming shakes, weight loss products, body wraps, bootcamps, work out DVD’s?

If this is how you are feeling guys then you will want to give this a watch and understand exactly why it’s not your fault that you aren’t succeeding and the one simple element you are missing.

Video Transcription

So before we begin I want you to open your mind to a whole new way of thinking about weight loss because I am going to share with you some pretty controversial concepts that will quite frankly blow your mind.

Let’s get into it.

So I want to start by saying this, that weight loss is absolutely nothing to do with food or with weight.

Sound crazy? Yes I would have thought so too a while back but trust me guys it really is true, I know this first hand. I’ve spent years dieting, trying slimming shakes, weight loss pills, work out dvds and getting no where, nothing would work for me, all that happened was I felt like a failure, as though I wasn’t good enough, like I would never be slim and would never achieve my goals. That is all I got from doing this.

Diets are not a long term sustainable solution to weight loss. Unless you want to be on the diet for the rest of your life then you will not keep getting results, so I want you to know that it is not your fault that they are not working, they are not designed to work long term…phew! So give yourself a break!

It’s really important that when you think about losing weight that you address more than just the physical aspect but you have to address the emotional and mental aspects as well, if you don’t then it leaves you unbalanced. There is so much more going on internally creating the physical weight that needs resolving.

This is the area that I work with, the emotional and mental side of weight loss, yes the physical part is very important too, yes you want to be active and be moving and taking care of your body with good healthy food but the internal aspect is so important too. Without taking care of your mind you won’t achieve the goals because your mindset is the key to everything.

To actually lose weight permanently which is what I coach my clients to do you have to address the emotional weight, the baggage that you are carrying around that is physically, mentally and emotionally weighing you down. The minute I did this guys, everything, and I mean everything shifted. My life 360’d, the weight dropped off and it was all completely diet free. I would never even consider counting another calorie again, ever! I feel confident, attractive, sexy in my clothes, I am happy with what I see in the mirror and I can eat whatever I want and it’s possible for you to have this too.

So how do you get to this point? Well you have to look deeper than trying to fix the external problem that you can see. Weight loss is not about the physical side of things, it’s about you feeling amazing, you being the woman you want to be. When you are feeling this way, when you are emotionally in control and feeling light, the physical side will catch up with how you’re feeling.

So tune in to what you want, what lights you up, what makes you feel present, grounded, centred and calm. Start meditating, going to yoga, working on your mindset, walking, being in nature, take some time for you and really find peace and start letting the emotion go.

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If you take one thing away from today ladies, I want you to remember that in order to lose weight permanently it’s not just about losing the weight physically but also emotionally and mentally. When you can bring these 3 things into balance then this is when you achieve amazing results!

I would love to support you on your weight loss journey so feel free to book in a free Break Through Session with me this week and we will work together to start getting you some instant results!

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