Essential Holiday Season Food For Thought

Hi Ladies

Just a quick one from me today but I wanted to cover a topic that comes up time and time again with my coaching clients and that’s the dreaded holiday season food panic. I have heard a lot from women that they want to relax on holiday and so relax their eating habits too, however it is possible to just relax your body and mind and maintain eating healthy food, in fact you will actually feel better for it.

It is a common problem that when you go on holiday you seem to give yourself a time out, or week off of your usual eating habits as though you think the extra weight, sugar and fat will stay abroad. But it doesn’t work quite like that.

It’s really important to find a healthy balance. Yes you are on holiday but you need to think beyond the holiday and consider how you want to feel when you return!

I have even had some women say to me before that because they are visiting an all inclusive they have to get their money worth in food. If this is something you think then stop this right now!

No one enjoys that horrible sluggish feeling when you get back from holiday because you’ve eaten so much, it’s awful. So think about what you are putting in your body, even when you are on holiday. And always focus on that end goal and what is going to get you there quickest.

If you are needing food for enjoyment on holiday then you need to consider why – because the only place enjoyment comes from is within, no food can actually do this for you.

Your health and wellness should be a lifestyle not something that takes effort to do and maintain. So keep it going through the holiday season and notice how much better you feel afterwards!

Speak soon

Leanne xx