The Time Myth. Escape It Now And Sky Rocket Your Success

Hi Ladies

Today I want to share with you a quick video to dispel The Time Myth.

Do you often use the excuse of not having enough time to prepare healthy food? Or not having enough time to exercise? Or not having enough time to dedicate to working on your mindset? I know it is hard to hear…but this is an EXCUSE, it’s not a real reason.

This is one of the most common excuses I come up against in my coaching and it used to be my personal #1 go to, to get out of doing what it was I knew I needed to do.

I am not saying that you aren’t busy because I am certain you do live a busy life, but so does everyone. However what I have come to learn is that in fact some people just feel busy, they are not actually busy.

What happens is they busy themselves with low priority things that are not productive and so feel like they have lots to do. Whereas if they were more organised and proactive they would be a great deal more successful.

If you feel like you are falling into this trap, give this video a watch.

Step #1 is to be aware of this behaviour, ensure you know that what you are doing is just creating an excuse and giving yourself an easy route out. But trust me, you will feel so much better if you just get on and do those things you keep putting off!


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Speak soon

Leanne xx