The 1 Small Thing Having A HUGE Effect On Your Weight Loss Success. Change It NOW!

Hi Lovely Ladies…Today I want to share with you the 1 small thing that is having a huge effect on your weight loss success! Once you know what it is you can take back control instantly! And trust me, you will be surprised! It’s not what you think!
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Most women when I tell them what I am about to tell you, they question whether this applies to them. But I can tell you that this 100% applies to every woman out there who is struggling to lose weight. So what’s the one thing stopping you losing weight? It’s emotion. Emotion is stopping you losing weight. Without realising it, you have an unconscious build up of emotion,whether it’s anger, sadness, fear, guilt, loneliness, regret, resentment etc.

Now this emotion builds in the unconscious mind and it starts to drive certain behaviours like reaching for the cake when you feel down, or reaching for the biscuits when you are on your own and are lonely. This kind of eating, emotional eating, is so dangerous because you are not always consciously aware you are doing it and you mistake the emotional hunger for physical hunger.

Paul McKenna, one of the leading hypnotherapists, said in his book, ‘I can Make You Thin’ that next to diets, emotion is the biggest cause of being over weight. How crazy is this? So firstly diets are the biggest cause!! Remember this. Then emotion is second.

Think how many times you reach for those sweet, rubbish foods, but you know you are not physically hungry, your mind is telling you that you’re hungry but your body isn’t actually in need of fuel. How many times have you ended up at the kitchen cupboard, and you’re stood there looking for something to eat, you don’t even know why you are there. You even think to yourself ‘why am I here? What is it I want?

Now this is your mind creating the desire, this is the emotion driving this need. Your body doesn’t need it for physical hunger. If you want to truly heal your relationship with food, get the body of your dreams and be free of diets for good, then you have to deal with this emotion. You HAVE to.

When I resolved the emotion I was holding on to, it absolutely changed everything for me. When you hold onto emotion, you put your body under stress, when your body is under stress you don’t produce the chemicals you need to break down fat. It’s a viscous cycle.

Now emotional build up can come from past or current events, a stressful job, a bad break up, negative relationships, a death or loss in the family etc. So this needs to be resolved.

A really good way to get started on your own is to take some time to keep your mind clear, sit breathe, focus inwards, take time for you. You can even visualise letting the emotion go. It is essential to keep your mind clear.

If you need more help doing this then this is why I have designed my 6 week program called The Hot You, The Emotional Release Weight Loss Solution, it will ensure you let go of the real things preventing your weight loss success.

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