What’s Your Relationship With Food Telling You About Yourself?


Hey Lovely This week I’m sharing an amazing tool that will help you learn from your negative relationship with food instead of it taking over everything. A huge shift for me came when instead of putting all my focus on my relationship with food I related that directly back to my relationship with myself. You…

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Are You Losing the Battle to Comfort Food?


Hey lovely this week I want to talk about the psychology behind your relationship with food. Have you ever felt the overwhelming need to reach for that chocolate bar or tub of ice cream despite consciously telling yourself no? Chances are this behaviour is hardwired into your brain because of the associations you have made…

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Is Dieting Wearing Down Your Soul?


Hey lovely, this week I want to show you that you do not have to live a life where you are constantly worrying, thinking about and restricting yourself through your diet. You deserve so much more! Once you are living in alignment it is so easy to just be.. and the rest will fall into…

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Is Your Internal Weight Causing External Weight?


Hey lovely, this weeks blog will give you a completely new way of approaching weight loss! External weight is caused by the internal weight that we carry. Your thoughts create your feelings, beliefs, behaviours and actions. The external symptoms, such as overeating and weight gain are a direct reflection of your internal world. We get…

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An Easy Mantra to Ensure You Stay on Track!


Hey lovely, this week I want to share with you a super easy Mantra that has helped me to stay on track and keep focused in my health and wellness journey. I know when you are struggling with your weight and emotional eating that staying motivated and on track is the hardest part… so I…

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3 Mindset Hacks For Weight Loss


Hey Lovely This week I wanted to share with you 3 Mindset Hacks that you must implement if you truly want to lose weight permanently and end that battle with food. When I was struggling with my weight and emotional eating I thought the only way to succeed and to shift the kilos was to…

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What purpose are weight and food serving for you right now?


Hey lovely This week I’m covering an important topic on the PURPOSE of weight and food. If you’re struggling to shift the excess weight or to get those eating habits under control, then this will give you a whole new way of approaching it that will ensure you achieve permanent success! No more diets, no…

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3 Easy Self Love Steps That Will Work Even For The Busiest Of Women!


Hi Lovely One of the most common things I see women doing is forgetting to put themselves first and show themselves some love. I mean how often do you say I love you, to yourself? How often do you take time out and put you first? How often do you pamper yourself with a bubble…

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3 Must-Do’s For Permanent Weight Loss!


Hey lovely this week I want to share with you the 3 Must Do’s For Permanent Weight Loss! By now I’m sure you know my approach to weight loss is very different, no calories, no dieting, no weight loss products have a watch of the video below to see if you’re doing these 3 essential…

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Why You Should Stop Dieting!


Hi Lovely This week I want to talk to you about diets and how and why they aren’t working for you. If you’re anything like I was, I struggled to lose weight using diets for years, I went round in circles feeling like a failure it was crazy. I started to think that there was…

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