How To Avoid A Holiday Binge!


Hi Lovely This week I wanted to share a few of my tips for avoiding the holiday binge! The last few weeks have been full on, in a good way! I’m back in Perth now and have family here visiting from England and just before that me and my partner had been in Thailand for…

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How To Change Your Beliefs So You Can Lose Weight!


Hey Lovely In this week’s blog I’m sharing some parts of my story you’ll have never heard before so you can understand just how big of a role your beliefs are playing in your weight loss success. If you’re anything like I used to be I’m sure you have no idea just how powerful your…

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Weight Loss Is An Inside Job!


Hey Lovely Today I want to talk to you about how weight loss is just as much of an inside job as it is an outside one. I know this sounds like a strange concept, but trust me, hear me out, this information was the thing that changed my life and enabled me to lose…

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Negative Self Talk Is Stopping Your Weight Loss


Hi Lovely This week I want to talk to you about your internal self talk and how making a few simple shifts can make the absolute world of difference to your weight loss success. I know this can seem a strange concept and as though the two are completely unrelated but working on this created…

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How To Avoid The Weight Loss YO-YO


Firstly, Mind Over Muffin has officially launched, how exciting is that! So make yourself at home on the site and enjoy the freebies! It’s a pleasure to have you here. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve uploaded a video blog as my new site was being built so I’ll be back to regular posts…

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3 Simple Steps To Overcome Emotional Eating


Hey guys, today I want to talk to you about emotional eating, what it is and most importantly how to over come it. Emotional eating is such a common problem for so many women and it is sabotaging your weight loss, your success and your happiness. No matter how much exercise you do, no matter…

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You Have To Lose Weight In Your Mind Too!


Hi ladies This week I want to share with you why it is so important that you think about more than just the physical weight you are carrying and how when you do this it will instantly get you results. Watch this week’s video to find out more. There is so much more to weight…

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Get Back In That Bikini And Stay In It!


Hi Ladies This week I’m talking about how to get back in that bikini and most importantly STAY IN IT. There is so much pressure when summer comes around and it’s beach body time so today I want to show you how to make this process easy and permanent! Watch the video to find out…

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Banish The Word ‘Weight’ And Get Results Fast


So many women say to me, Leanne I am desperate to lose weight, all I want is to lose weight. But when I start talking to them and help them break through what’s really going on, it’s actually never anything to do with the weight, there’s aways something more. I will show you what I…

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Discover Your Weight Story & Finally Move On


Hey ladies, Leanne here. Today I want to talk to you about something that is crucial for your weight loss success. If right now you are trying to lose weight, maybe you’ve been struggling for years, you could be on diets right now, going round in circles, losing a bit of weight to put it…

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